Mental Feng Shui™ for custom to respect others.

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I am in Singapore now for Business Study Tour I am organizing. When I had a breakfast meeting, it made me realize Singapore was former British colony, because men (including my husband) waited for me to get my food from buffet. I told them many times to go ahead start eating.

It is nice British custom to show respect to

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ladies, huh?

In Mental Feng Shui™, it is important to keep ladies happy, in your personal life as well as career.

Generally speaking, when you see female employees working happily and actively, it is a good company that shows care to female employees.

Mental Feng Shui Seminar on Relationships was successful.

Had a feng shui seminar for relationships today in Los Angeles..

Despite the weather, it was almost full

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house, and everybody enjoyed learning Feng Shui for relationships.

At the end of the seminar, I had book signing.

New video on Mental Feng Shui™: “Open up your mind.”

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This is a short story which

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helped me realize that we need to open up our tue eyes to see our reality.

Grace Ho’s article featured in “Are you Happy?” October issue

My article is featured in Japan’s monthly magazine “Are you Happy?” October issue, which is out today.

In this issue, I wrote how to control

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information coming to your life to eliminate negatives and uplift your mind.

Grace’s Mental Feng Shui™ featured in Dynamic Living Magazine July/August Issue

Grace Ho’s article about Mental Feng Shui™ is featured in Dynamic Living Magazine July/August issue.

Click here to visit that page.

Special thanks to the editor in chief, Brit, for her

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continued support.

Grace Ho’s article on Japanese elegance

Grace’s latest article in “Are You Happy? Magazine” September issue was just released in Japan on July 30, 2011. (pp. 108-109)

She talks about the benefit of Japanese

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elegance and intellectuality in busy daily life.

2011-6-16 Radio TJS Interview

Here is my radio interview on June

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16, 2011.

Local international radio station (FM106.3)

Done in Japanese, about communication & making your dream come true.

01 2011-6-16 Radio TJS

June 7, 2011 Radio Show

Just finished a radio talk show.

I enjoyed talking with the wonderful host, Inez Bracy.

We discussed how Mental Feng Shui™ can help you overcome with hard times now.
I shared my story how I overcame from loss of career due to my

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father’s ailment, by shifting my mind from negatives to positives.

Always remember that the word Crisis (危機) is made up with two characters:

“Danger” and “Opportunity.”

I believe a Crisis is a wakeup call to make you realize your potentials which are much bigger than what you think you are.

Grace’s 6-page article on “Are You Happy?” 2011 July issue

Grace’s 6-page article is featured in “Are You Happy?” 2011 July issue.

Grace discusses about the law of happiness.

It all starts with your mind.

The true abundance is a harmony and balance of Love, Health, and Prosperity.

After you have the right mindset, all you need is knowledge and massive action.

Make it your habit to say “Thank you.”

Imagine your dream and change your words and thoughts accordingly.

Select friends who can inspire and motivate you with positive

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Grace Ho in USC Occupational Science & OT Magazine (Spring 2011)

I am so honored to be selected as one of “Seven

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Trojans Leading the Way to the AOTA Centennial Vision.”

AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) will be celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in 2017.

Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy help people redesign lifestyle(TM).

I am working to expand our professional horizon.