My 2016 Feng Shui Forecast article featured in Japan’s biggest weekly magazine.

2016 Feng Shui Forecast article was featured in “Josei Jishin Magazine,” Japan’s biggest weekly magazine.

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Grace Ho’s articles posted on Yahoo Finance in Japan for 8 weeks.

My 4th article about financial literacy and abundance is posted on Yahoo Finance in Japan today.

The title is “Why Chinese Millionaires Use Feng Shui for Prosperity?”

I share my personal experience and which Feng Shui principles I practice in everyday life for prosperity.

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Grace Ho was interviewed by Japan’s most prestigious business magazine

Grace Ho was featured in “President” a Japan’s most prestigious business magazine.

The July 2 issue, Grace compares and contrasts how people educate money at home among different cultures.

Her article is on pp. 60-65.

The editors of “President” Magazine was so kind that they put Grace’s photo in their newspaper ads in Nikkei Shinbun on June 12,

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Grace Ho’s Feng Shui Forecast is in Japan’s biggest weekly women’s magazine

Grace Ho’s 2012 Feng Shui Forecast is a popular anual article in “Josei  Jishin” that is Japan’s biggest women’s weekly magazine.

She discusses about the implication of Chi energy of 2012 Year of Yang Water Dragon to personal life.

Happy Chinese New Year!

January 26, 2012  |  Mental Feng Shui Blog  |  No Comments

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese use Lunar Calendar, and the new year for 2012 is January 23.

It is a Year of Dragon, Yang Water.

Why Yang Water?

Because in Chinese Calendar, we have Jikkan Junishi (十干十二支) meaning “10 stems and

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12 branches.”

The stems of 2012 is Yang Water, and the branch is Dragon.

In Asia, Dragon is a mythological animal, and it is a symbol of Emperor, Leader, Prosperity, and Career Advancement.

Furthermore, in Japan, it is also regarded as God of Water.

So, Year of “Yang Water Dragon” will be an auspicious year!

Grace Ho’s book is now available in Indonesia.

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Grace Ho’s book (which became #2 in US Amazon Kindle in Global Marketing) is now available in Indonesia.

The book is translated into Bahasa Indonesia.

The book launch event took place at Indonesian Book Expo, in Jakarta on December 3, 2011.

Grace’s seminar was full, and some people were standing

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to watch her speak about Feng Shui for Prosperity.

The book has been sold out at a bookstore in Surabaya (Second largest city in Indonesia).

Heart-felt appreciation to Indonesian friends for their support.

Mental Feng Shui™ for custom to respect others.

November 26, 2011  |  Mental Feng Shui Blog  |  No Comments

I am in Singapore now for Business Study Tour I am organizing. When I had a breakfast meeting, it made me realize Singapore was former British colony, because men (including my husband) waited for me to get my food from buffet. I told them many times to go ahead start eating.

It is nice British custom to show respect to

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ladies, huh?

In Mental Feng Shui™, it is important to keep ladies happy, in your personal life as well as career.

Generally speaking, when you see female employees working happily and actively, it is a good company that shows care to female employees.

Mental Feng Shui Seminar on Relationships was successful.

Had a feng shui seminar for relationships today in Los Angeles..

Despite the weather, it was almost full

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house, and everybody enjoyed learning Feng Shui for relationships.

At the end of the seminar, I had book signing.

New video on Mental Feng Shui™: “Open up your mind.”

September 12, 2011  |  Mental Feng Shui Blog  |  No Comments

This is a short story which

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helped me realize that we need to open up our tue eyes to see our reality.

Grace Ho’s article featured in “Are you Happy?” October issue

My article is featured in Japan’s monthly magazine “Are you Happy?” October issue, which is out today.

In this issue, I wrote how to control

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information coming to your life to eliminate negatives and uplift your mind.