Grace Ho’s 8th Article on YAHOO FINANCE of JAPAN

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My last of 8-article series about financial literacy has been posted on YAHOO FINANCE of JAPAN.

I was interviewed about financial literacy. The last article is about my Money Philosophy.

If you would say that spending money is more difficult than making money, your financial literacy is in the right track.

How you spend your precious time and money can tell your subconscious priority, thus it can tell your ultimate destiny.

Happiness is residual income & positive cash flow.

When they can cover your monthly mortgage and living expense, you are financially independent and a free person.

You should start building residual income while you can.

Grace Ho’s articles posted on Yahoo Finance in Japan for 8 weeks.

My 4th article about financial literacy and abundance is posted on Yahoo Finance in Japan today.

The title is “Why Chinese Millionaires Use Feng Shui for Prosperity?”

I share my personal experience and which Feng Shui principles I practice in everyday life for prosperity.

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Grace Ho was interviewed by Japan’s biggest information website “ALL ABOUT”

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I was interviewed by Japan’s “All About.” “All About” is one of the biggest information website with over 26 million subscribers. They have 800 writers who cover Lifestyle, Hobbies, Money, Finance, and so many other areas.

My article is about Financial Literacy and Personal Development.

Check it out.

連載その1: 日本人はなぜ「お金年齢」が低いのか

Grace’s 2014 Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast in Japan’s biggest women’s weekly magazine.

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This is the cover of “Josei Jishin 1/21 issue” just released throughout Japan today (January 6, 2014 Japan Time.)

My 2014 Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast article is on pp. 178-179.

“Josei Jishin” is Japan’s biggest weekly women’s magazine.

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Your Mind-Fu to Redesign Your Life

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All of us have inner power and internal intelligence, called “Mind Fu.”

The “Fu” of “Mind Fu” has two meanings:

“Fu” as in “富” means Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth.
We can use our hidden power of “Mind Fu” we can achieve our Abundance and Success.

Also, “Fu” as in “風” means Wind and Flow.
Our “Mind Fu” must always be in a nice flow, for clear mind and emotions.
When our mind is in stagnation, we get confused and will be stuck in life.

By using our “Mind Fu,” we can achieve our goal,
and it will take us to the next level.