About Grace

Grace Ho is the creator of Mental Feng Shui™ and an international best-selling author and a motivational speaker in business and self-fulfillment.
She is also a life change expert using  Mental Feng Shui™.
Her definition of Mental Feng Shui™ is “Feng Shui is not only moving your furniture around, but Feng Shui is all about shifting your mind.  Thus, I name it Mental Feng Shui™.”
Her unique approach to relationships and everyday living, using the principles of Feng Shui and Sun-Tzu’s Art of  War, is well-received and inspired thousands of people around the world.
Grace’s Mental Feng Shui™ is not for ordinary interior design, but her Feng Shui is what Chinese Emperors used to attract abundance and prosperity.
Feng Shui is not only shifting furniture around, but also shifting minds and energy, thus it is Mental Feng Shui™.
It is Mental Feng Shui™ that works on your mind and inner intelligence.
Her true story:    Grace lost her job and her professional career was shattered, when  she requested a leave of absence to take care of her father who developed cancer.  When her father survived a surgery and his cancer was stablized, Grace faced a financial hardship.
On Sunday, Grace and her husband, Daniel were sitting on the beach of Santa Barbara, wondering how to make ends meet. She was feeling devastated, upset, shame, hopeless…all the negative feelings that you can think about.
But, then, Grace realized, “The sky is always blue no matter how I feel.  The ocean is always beautiful regardless of my feelings.  This is my reality.  It doesn’t matter how I feel.  But we tend to see what we feel.  ”My reality” is a reflection of “my feeling.”  Then, why not feel good about the situation I am in right now.  I am still alive and healthy.  Thank, God, I am still alive and healthy.”
That night, her telephone started ringing, and one friend referred her to a temporary job, and the other friend connect her a nice full-time job.
While many relationships crack during financial crisis, Grace took it to turn her life around.
In Chinese and Japanese languages, the word “Crisis” is made up with two Chinese characters:
“Danger” and “Opportunity.”
Just like what Grace went through, you can learn how to make “Crisis” be “Opportunity” to better yourself.
Grace Ho’s One Minute Feng Shui for Prosperity can help you learn Mental Feng Shui™ to improve your relationships, wellness, and prosperity.
This book became #2 in US Amazon Kindle in Global Marketing, and #1 in Amazon Japan in Nonfiction/Economy and Business/Investment.

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Grace is a Japanese born in Japan.  She married to Chinese-American, Daniel Ho.
She holds two Master’s degrees from USC and UCLA.
Currently she is serving as a member of the Board of Councilors of USC Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Division, School of Dentistry.
She is also an advanced hypnosis intructor certified by International Hypnosis Federation.
She has lived in Japan, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Paris.

Grace Ho

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