1 Minute Feng Shui

If you are doing business with Chinese and Japanese customers and business associates, or if you are looking for Chinese investment, this book is for YOU!
It is a big plus if you know Feng Shui and other Chinese philosophies such as Sun Tze, Lao Tzu, and Tao, to do business in Asia.
As the title “one minute” suggests, this is a quick reference book for busy people.
It takes literally “one minute” to read each topic.
Thousands of years ago, Chinese Emperors used Feng Shui for power and abundance.

Good Feng Shui Masters were treated like national treasures and security, because the enemy could use the Feng Shui knowledge and strategy to take over the dynasty.

Today, you can apply the Principles of Feng Shui to your business and career to achieve prosperity and true abundance.

Learn how Feng Shui can program you to achieve abundance:

* Feng Shui your mind for success
* Feng Shui your office for prosperity
* Feng Shui your bedroom for wellness
* Feng Shui A TERRIFIC relationship
* Understand Feng Shui philosophy and principles

After reading this book, you should be able to converse with Chinese and Japanese clients about Feng Shui and Chinese philosophies. You can be ahead of your competitors.

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